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Free Web Hosting

June 29th, 2008

Free web hosting is often all you need to host your website. And the price is definately right. Free hosting services are great for personal webpages, and small non-commercial sites. Many profesional webmasters use free web hosting to reduce their costs when hosting many sites.

Many free webhosts will give you a sub-directory for your site. For example, your websites address may look like – “”. A better option, provided by some free web hosting services, is to have your own sub-domain, in which case, your websites address would look like “”. A few free web hosts will even host your own domain if you have one.

In order to pay their bills, most free web hosting services require that you show their ads on your site. These ads generally include banners and often popup ads.

Free web hosting is generaly limited in a number of ways. Most free hosts do not allow server side scripting such as CGI, or php. Also, the amount of storage space and data transer (referred to as bandwidth) allowed is normally limited.


When looking at the free web hosting options you should first think about what you might need, and then find a site that provides those options. The following is a list of options you should consider:

  • Storage space – more is better. Look for at least 20 Megs.
  • Bandwidth – again, more is better. Look for at least 500 Megs/month.
  • Scripting – even if you don’t need it now, you should look for a site that allows CGI scripting.
  • Free subdomains – subdomains are shorter and normally easier to remember.