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Following a server crash, we have decided to end our free banner service on 7/4/09.  Please remove our free banner exchange code from your site as soon as possible.  Contact us if you have any concerns regarding your account.

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Why Should You Join Our Free Banner Exchange?

There are lots of other banner exchanges on the web. You may already be a member at some other exchanges. If so then you will see why our free banner exchange is a great way to advertise your website. We have a great exchange, and will provide awesome exposure for your website.

How It Works

As a member of our banner exchange, you earn credit by displaying banners on your website. In return your banners will be displayed on our site and our member sites. The amount of credit you earn for each banner is based on our sliding exchange rate, which is discussed in detail below.

Sliding Exchange Rate

We have a sliding exchange rate which helps promote better exposure for your banners. When you first join, you will have a 3:2 exchange ratio. That means that you will earn two banner displays for every three banners you show on your webpage. Periodically, we will adjust your exchange rate based on the clickthru rate for your site.

The number of banners you earn is based on the clickthru rate from your site. The higher the clickthru rate you achieve, the more banner exposures you will earn in return. Clickthru rate is the percentage of banners you show on your website that are clicked on.

For example, if you display 1000 banners on your site in one month, and 11 of those banners are clicked on, your clickthru rate would be 1.1, and you would earn 2 banner displays for every 3 banners you display during the next month. If you want the best exchange rate, give our other members the best exposure you can give. Banners shown on the top of your web page will get the best clickthru rate, while if you show banners on the bottom of a your page with several other ads you will probably have a low clickthru rate.

Your Sites Clickthru Rate Banner Exchange Rate
>3 % 5:4
>2-3 % 4:3
>1-2 % 3:2
>0.5-1% 2:1
0.1-0.5 % 3:1
<0.1 % Suspended

Your banners will not be wasted in our exchange. We suspend sites with poor clickthru rates. Suspended sites do not show member banners, only banners for Suspended sites do not earn credits for the banners they show.

If your site is suspended, you just need to improve the placement of the banners you show. We periodically review clickthru rates. If your clickthru rate has improved your exchange rate will be updated during the next review.

Family Safe Banners

We only accept PG-rated sites and banners. We do not accept inappropriate sites into our exchange, and review every banner we show for inappropriate material. You don’t have to worry about showing banners containing inappropriate materials on your site. We will delete any account that we latter find violating our rules. Members are encouraged to report any offending sites or banners.

Start Earning Free Advertising Today

You can begin earning credits immediately. Just sign up for your free account and insert the HTML we provide you. You start earning credits with the first banner you display. Once your site has been reviewed, you can upload your own banner and we will start showing your banner as soon as it is approved.

You don’t even need your own banner to get started. Your credits accumulate until you upload your banner.

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