Free Banner Exchange Rules

All members must abide by the rules of this banner exchange. These rules have been established to ensure that all members get the most out of our exchange. We will delete your account if we even suspect that you are breaking any of the rules.We have a number of methods of detecting cheaters. But you are encouraged to report any members you believe are breaking these rules.

Do Not Artificially Inflate Your Displays or Clickthrus

You may not use any means to artificially increase the number of credits you earn or the number of clickthrus from your site. You may not place our banners on pages that automatically reload or automatically open without the interaction of a visitor. You may not place more than one of our banners on a page. You may not refresh your own pages repeatedly in an attempt to increase banner displays.

Banners Must Be Viewable And Clickable

You must not hide our banners by placing them outside the viewable area, placing them in a small frame, or other means that would keep visitors from being able to see the full banner.

You Must Insert Our HTML Code Exactly As Provided

Your Site And Banner Can Not Contain Inappropriate Material

We only accept PG-rated sites. We reserve the right to reject any site or banner for any reason. However, we will never accept sites and banners that contain or link to sites that contain nudity, frequent profanity, heavy violence or gore, promote hatred or discrimination, or involve anything deemed by us to be illegal such, including copyright violations.

You Must Agree to And Abide By Our Terms of Service

By joining our banner exchange, you are agreeing to our rules and terms of service. We reserve the right to change our rules and terms of service at anytime without notice.

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